Anyone who is planning to adopt a VOIP system for his business always asks, “Is it possible to send and receive fax messages through the technology?” If you are using the traditional phone line, the answer is definitely yes. But is it the same with VOIP?

Yes, it is. However, it is not similar.

These days it is common among VOIP providers to offer fax services along with the voice and video packages. This simply increases the value of the bundle. But, of course, before you can take advantage of that, you need to

1) Meet the physical requirements

 You need to have a fax machine, a broadband modem, and an ATA (analog telephone adapter). The fax machine shall be connected to your ATA, which is then attached to your broadband modem, so you can already receive and send fax copies

2) Determine the protocol used

 There are two types of protocols used for sending and receiving fax copies through VOIP. These are T .38 and g711. Either of the two can be used. Moreover, you need to adjust the settings of your VOIP in order to accommodate the protocols used.

3) Change the baud rate

 For you to use your fax machine along with your VOIP, the baud rate should be no more than 9600. Baud rate measures the rate of communication, specifically at how much speed data has been transferred. You may also have to adjust the settings in order to accommodate the required baud rate.

4)How Much Should You Pay?

Since faxing is totally different from sending and receiving audio and video, VOIP providers usually offer the services as a premium. This means you have to pay for it either monthly or depending on what you have agreed upon. It is also common to have a maximum quota for sending and zero for receiving. If you exceed your number, you need to pay for the extra.

5)Finding the Right Provider

One of the challenges with fax in VOIP is you cannot have any room for delayed or wrong transmission. If there is delay, for example, you cannot send or receive any fax copies. Hence, it is extremely essential you can find a very reliable provider that can give you steady and well-maintained VOIP network and Internet connection.