No matter your existing PBX service, it is upgradable to receive voice calls over the internet or VoIP using a SIP trunk gateway.

We provide compatibility with all leading PBX providers such as MS Skype for business, Asterisk, Free PBX, 3CX, Cisco, Grandstream, Yealink, Zycoo, and more. Our pricing is available in three different models so that you can choose what is best for your business. We have the Starter plan is Pay as You Go. The other two plans are Professional plan and the Enterprise plan. In this post, we will list the details of what’s included in “Pay As You Go” plan.

Entirely Scalable Plan

With our Pay as You Go SIP trunk pricing planyou can just pay for what you need.It’s easy to start with. And there NO CONTRACTS. You simply start by creating an account. You then choose which plan works better for you? Metered plan or Unmetered plan? You will be based on the plan you choose.

You can try and test our service before signing up.Our exceptional sales and tech team is here to help you with your questions or testing.

Risk-Free Assessment and simple pricing

We provide highly competitive pricing so that you get the best rates. There is no cost for SIP routing. You do not spend a single dime on them, ever. One of the most significant benefits of the Pay As You Go plan is the complete transparency you get over your telecom bills. There is no confusion as everything is presented in an easy to understand format. Managing what you use and what you don’t can’t be any easier than this. You can add or remove services from the self-service control panel.

  • Cost for DID/Phone number is only $1.00/month.
  • Cost of Tollfree Phone number is $3:00/month

Call quality is always exceptional, and we have a ready customer service team to attend to your queries.

Inbound and Outbound Call Charges

Our pricing model clearly layout the costs attached to inbound/incoming calls and outbound/outgoing calls.

  • Inbound call charges are $0.004/min.
  • Outbound call charges are $0.0089/min.
  • Cost for toll-free inbound calling is $0.019/min.

SMS/MMS Charges

All our phone numbers are SMS/MMS enabled. You cab choose to enable or disable through you dashboard.

  • A long code SMS will cost you $0.005/msg.
  • The cost of a toll-free SMS is $0.007/msg.
  • Inbound MMS costs are $0.01/msg.
  • Outbound MMS charges are $0.015/msg.

Additional Advantages

If you choose to move to UCaaS(Unified Communication as Service platform), then you can do so risk-free and assess its viability. UCaaS offers multiple additional advantages over VoIP. In addition to voice calls, subscribers also have the privilege of engaging in video conferencing or share what is happening on their screens, whether it’s a smartphone or a desktop.

Contact us with your plans for growth so that we can assist you all along the way.