One of the main advantages of VOIP is improved group communication. With this technology, setting up offices in different parts of the world and never lose your grip on them has never been so convenient.

VOIP allows you to

1) Call web conferences

There is not much difference between web and traditional conferences. The only difference is the platform used. Web conferencing has been touted as the most cost-effective solution for expanding businesses. It helps you forgo additional expenses such as transportation and accommodation. Plenty of VOIP packages also include the ability to Mute or display your presentation in real time—as if you are really in the boardroom physically.

2) Communicate long distance with less cost

You can now set up your VOIP to follow the same area code of your satellite offices. This way, there is no need to spend hefty long-distance charges. It is also possible for your employees all around the globe to dial a universal number.

3) Provide a technology that is easier to maintain and use

The term “voice over Internet protocol” may sound complex; but the concept, processes, and infrastructure are not. For one, users can always depend on demos and trainings from VOIP providers. The requirements such as Internet connection, router, PC or laptop, and telephone are not only easy to procure but also understandable and most probably constantly utilized by your employees. Thus, the learning curve is not so steep.

4) Take advantage of several useful features

 VOIP now permits you to route your calls directly to your mobile phone; if not, voice mail messages are kept and may be accessed anytime, anywhere. Employees therefore would not have a hard time reaching out to you. The same benefit can also be extended to them, and the features may be helpful in terms of lead generation and nurturing.

According to In-stat, this year, more than 60 percent of businesses, both big and small, will be shifting to or integrating VOIP. The percentage may include your competitors, who are out to outwit you by making the most of this powerful technology.

Most definitely, VOIP requires some investment, but the ability to communicate remotely with your staff and know how they are doing in their work is priceless. Search for the best VOIP provider today, beginning with options online.