Online and offline, you’ll find dozens of VOIP plans—a huge advantage of you. After all, you shouldn’t be making any mistake in choosing the most ideal. Yet many people still do, and a huge percentage is stuck with plans with unnecessary features or sky-high charges.

To make sure you don’t end up being part of the sad statistic, take note of these tips:

 1. Assess existing communication technologies.

 You don’t have to say good-bye to your present communication devices to give way for VOIP. The setup is actually very flexible. Moreover, simply integrating VOIP to your telephone lines, fax machines, tablet PCs, or laptops allow you to make the most of both the infrastructure and your devices.

2. Have at least 3 to 5 initial options.

 Perhaps you can blame it on excitement or the compelling marketing ad of a VOIP provider. In the end, you bite the first offer you see online. That should save you a lot of time, but it doesn’t really mean you have the best deal. Worse, it could be the most expensive, most nonsense VOIP plan there is.

When you’re picking a good VOIP plan, consider around 3 to 5 of them. Check out and evaluate every feature. You also have to factor in the cost of the VOIP, as well as the track record of your provider.

3. Don’t immediately look at the price.

 VOIP is usually affordable, but dirt-cheap plans are another story. Always remember: you get what you pay for. Cheap plans may mean poor customer support, bad audio and video quality, or inconsistent features and other services.

4. Know your needs.

 VOIP plans normally include an almost-never-ending list of features that are sure to whet your appetite: auto attendant, video conferencing, multiple greeting, automated distribution list, dashboard PBX, and CRM integration, to name a few. But do you really need all of them? If you don’t, then you’re still wasting your cash, even if the plan is already cheap.

5. Find a provider with good reputation.

 The features may be impeccable, the price affordable, but if you deal with a crappy provider, everything is in vain. It’s not enough it offers customer support. Read reviews and get feedback from existing VOIP users before you make a decision.