You’ve finally decided to use VoIP for your business and are definitely ready to implement it. But what steps should you take?

Here’s a simple guide on how to begin using VoIP:

1. Check your computer first. Not all can run VoIP services, and one of the primary reasons is their computer. You should have a very fast Internet connection that can handle the demands of a VoIP. It’s also essential that your PC can install and run several codecs for video and audio.

2. Find the right VoIP vendor. Though there are several VoIP providers online and offline, you’re still going to spend a good amount of time looking for one. You have so many factors to consider, such as costs, reliability, scalability, usability of the system, and voice quality. You may even have to factor in the accessories or additional features that come with the package. Are they available for free?

Nevertheless, to speed up the selection process, choose at least 5 of your preferred vendors and request them to perform a live demo.

3.  Install the hardware provided. Providers can give you a VoIP phone, compatible router, softphone, and an adaptor. These are the basic ones. Some will include accessories such as headsets or handsets.

Providers hand these devices over along with kits and instruction manuals. But if you’re doubtful of your installation capabilities, you can always ask for technical help.

4. Choose your number. Can you keep your existing numbers? Yes, you can. But sometimes it’s ideal to use a different area code to reduce costs. For instance, if you’re bringing business to New York and you’re in Florida, matching your VoIP area code to that of New York can help you save from long-distance fees.