You have read about it online, heard it from a friend, or saw it on TV. VOIP is basically everywhere, and you start wondering if it is high time for you to change your communication network such as your good old telephone lines to this.

Perhaps you have to, but before you make those bold moves, take note of these suggestions first:

1. Find out the reason for switching to VOIP.

VOIP is not really entirely for everyone, so it is useless if you go for it but will not be able to make full advantage of it. This technology is more effective for those who are in the business since it can definitely reduce operations costs, build better connections among different offices, effectively manage home-based employees, and is flexible enough to be easily integrated to existing systems.

2. Choose a good provider.

Unless you have a lot of money, there is a good chance that your VOIP setup is either hosted or managed. Regardless, you have to look for a reliable provider, someone who can give you excellent hardware and software to use. It is also important to ensure that there is a highly skilled IT department you can count on just in case you meet problems with your connection.

3. Make sure there is a source of Internet.

VOIP works only if there is an Internet connection available. That is why even if your phone is VOIP capable, you still will not be able to take advantage of its mobile version unless there is WIFI or 3G.

One of the first things you have to keep in mind therefore is how dependable your Internet connection is, especially its speed. If it is not fast, then you may suffer from bad audio quality or dropped calls.

4. See if your own cable or Internet provider offers VOIP.

It saves you a lot of money and hassle if your VOIP is also being provided by your Internet or cable company. Usually, it is a premium service that you have to pay every month. Nevertheless, the rates are reasonably priced or affordable.

5. Determine the features you need.

VOIP can have a long list of features, but not all are necessary. To save you money and make the most of your technology, choose them wisely. Find those that help you achieve your goals.