The growth of VoIP is unstoppable. Today, you will find all sorts of providers—big ones and small ones, new and old players—in the market. However, though each of them offers something unique to users like you, only a handful will be worth pursuing.

A VoIP system is ideal for your business if

It is affordable.

One of the greatest strengths of a VoIP system is its cost. You can pay a flat fee every month or per-minute charges for long-distance or international phone calls. Moreover, plenty of providers already have their own plans, with add-ons, which you can compare to determine who among them offers the best value for money.

It offers excellent voice quality.

 It’s critical for VoIP systems to have the least delay in connection. Thus, find providers that possess several points of presence that can greatly reduce latency. Fortunately, you can already measure the voice quality of VoIP through means opinion score test (MOS test).

Voice quality is also often used as one of the criteria for reliability. Like other types of technology, VoIP systems can experience glitches, but the overall failure rate must be within the acceptable range.

It’s scalable.

As your business grows, so should your technologies utilized such as VoIP systems. This is one huge benefit of dealing with already established providers since they usually already have the architecture in place, which you can easily tap once you’re ready for additional configurations.

It’s usable.

 Simply put, you as well as your employees, especially your IT staff, must not have any trouble accessing, implementing, training, and securing your VoIP network.