Is your business required to carry work operations from home?

With Coronavirus (Covid-19) spreading throughout the United States, more businesses are having their employees work remotely. As you are working on putting a remote work strategy in place, DIDforSale is prepared to help your business continue to operate seamlessly from your home.

How we are prepared to handle remote operations?

  • Our team is geographically diversified and we are equipped to meet any demand.
  • We have enough resources in places to meet any extra traffic that can be generated because of working remotely.
  • All our services and systems are regularly monitored to ensure all the operations are running smoothly.
  • All our services are available to our staff via a secured login.
  • We are well equipped to provide uninterrupted support to our clients.

Do you manage your PBX?

Requirement checklist to work remotely:-

  • To access the office phone remotely.
    • SIP gateway should be accessible to all the networks.
    • Provide access to mobile softphones that can connect to your SIP gateways from any network.
      • Or softphone client for PC or MAC
      • Or they can carry their office phone at home and it should be able to register on your SIP gateway remotely.
      • Or Use Call Forwarding to forward calls to personal/cell phone and manage incoming calls from anywhere

If your business is not equipped with the recommended options, then consider migrating to Cebod Telecom!

  • Learn more about Cebod Telecom
  • Does Cebod Telecom Provide all the tools to work remotely?
    Yes, Cebod Telecom is a great option for remote employees and multi-site offices.
  • How long will the migration take? 
    You will be ready in hours.
  • Will it interrupt my existing business operations?

If you have any further questions or concerns please let us know and we will be happy to assist you.

DIDforSale Team
Phone: 1-800-579-7676

Why to manage a phone system

when you can get for free.

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