We have inbound DIDs in 2 different configurations, These DIDs does not include any outbound traffic.
1) DID with unmetered inbound and 20 channels ($8.99 per DID + $5 Activation per DID).  Additional channels can be purchased at $1 per additional channel.

We allow the customers to share 1/5 of the total channels.  Eg. customer with 50 DIDs (20 channels on each DID) can have shares 1/5 * 50 * 20 = 200 channels at no extra cost. The customer can buy additional shared channels for $2 per channel. 
2) DID with metered inbound.  They are for $1 per DID + $5 activation per DID and 0.4 cents ($0.004) per minute for all incoming calls.
Before you buy our VoIP DID you can also test our service for Free, Free trial does not require you to make any payment or purchase.
a) Signup to create an account on our website.
b) Login into your account and Click on Testing Center link on the Left had side menu.  Click on SELET DID and select one test DID.
c)  Then Click on Manage IP on the left hand side menu.  Add your IP address to your account.
d)  Click on Manage DID and assign the IP address to your Test DID.
Follow the same procedure to buy VoIP  DID.  If you don’t find the DID you need on our website then please send us an email and we will get the number for you.  You will need to add balance to your account before you can request the VoIP DIDs.
DID activation, if you purchase the VoIP DID from the existing inventory, the setup will be real time. For custom orders usually (98%) we get the DID within 12 hours, but in some cases it can take longer.