Though a huge chunk of VOIP services is eaten up by cable companies, many still do prefer using Skype. In fact this online platform has become so popular it is already synonymous to VOIP!

But what is there to love about Skype?

1. Affordable

For one, Skype is free to download and install. You don’t have to pay for anything for Skype-to-Skype calls. As long as you have an Internet connection, it’s good to go. There are premium services offered, but they are incredibly cheap. Their Unlimited World Plan only cost no more than $13 per month, and you can already call landline numbers in more than 40 countries.

2. Integrated

 Skype is already integrated into Facebook, and today you can download an app strictly for your mobile phone or tablet PC. Simply put, you can bring Skype no matter where you are in the world.

3.  No-brainer.

You don’t need anyone to help you set it up, lowering your installation costs. Skype is so easy to use you can maintain it yourself too.


With all these benefits, is Skype the best VOIP technology? Before you say yes, know the potential downsides.


1. It offers only “best effort” guarantee.

Because it’s free and you can cancel it anytime, you don’t need to sign an SLA or service level agreement. Unfortunately, this may also mean that Skype isn’t responsible for meeting all your expectations. It works only on its “best effort” guarantee. May often complain of somewhat poor audio quality; others experience connection failures.

2. If you’re not connected, it’s unusable.

You have to ensure that you can readily tap an Internet connection, even through WIFI. Otherwise, you can’t use Skype at all.