You have probably heard the long list of benefits of VOIP: it is cheap, easy to set up, and flexible. It may even be the most perfect communication technology in history if not for one thing—you are not sure if it runs in iPad.

Why should this bother you? IPad is probably the best tablet PC there is on the planet. Created by Apple, it literally allows you to bring all your well-loved apps anywhere you go, anytime. Just imagine yourself carrying along your own desktop PC, only that it is shrunk several times over.

Simply put, the iPad is your choice if you want to be more productive and mobile. Thus, it would become more functional and powerful if you can set up VOIP in it.

Thanks to the ingenuity, determination, and collaboration of several developers, you can now install a wide variety of VOIP apps into your mobile device. The only thing that you need, besides the iPad, is an Internet connection, which you can obtain through WIFI or 3G.

Some of the best VOIP apps you can use are the following:


Skype is the most popular app-based VOIP, with millions of subscribers all over the world. The good news is you can already download it for free straight to your iPad. You also do not have to create another account or export your contacts. Like its desktop version, however, you may have to spend a few pennies for Skype credits.


Another VOIP app for your iPad, iCall allows you to call all your friends, business partners, and family members for free, as long as they are in the United States and Canada. It also sends you notifications whenever there is an inbound call, giving you full control on who you want to talk to.


Fring is one of the coolest VOIP apps out there. Unlike the above-mentioned options, this one promotes video chat through WIFI. It is also free to download and is not discriminating to Android-based mobile device users.

If you want more choices for VOIP for iPad you can visit Apple iTunes store, where you can download them. Note that not all of them are free. Do not forget to test the product too, as some may not possess decent audio and/or video quality.