how to track inbound marketing

Case Study: Unique Phone numbers to track Inbound Marketing.

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Cebod Telecom offers Cloud based office phone system with unlimited calling in US and Canada. Businesses pay only low monthly fee for telephone services and all the PBX features come free with the telephone service.

Objective: Provided there are numerous channels to market products how do we know which marketing channel is most efficient? 

Its definite that all the businesses out there want to get there name out in the world. And to do so they try different mediums. Be it internet, broadcast, radio, TV or newspapers. Often the toughest question is which marketing medium is most efficient for your business type and how do you measure it? Cebod Telecom has been able to implement a strategy to track their inbound marketing.

Like other businesses Cebod Telecom markets their products at many different channels, including Google, Bing, Yellow Pages etc. They have multiple ads and campaigns on Google and Bing. Most of the prospective clients like to talk to the sales professionals prior to purchasing the phone service. The challenge was how to track which campaign is driving these calls? To solve this problem they created unique landing pages associate with each ad. Here are some examples:

By doing so they can track which ad is bringing more visitors to the website. It helps to manage the advertisement channels to increase the traffic. However they still don’t know which ad is promoting the customers to call the sales rep for phone service inquiry. To solve this problem they got multiple toll free numbers from They could have taken local phone numbers too, but chose to go with toll free numbers as it helps global callers to call at no charge to them. Along with the unique landing pages now there are unique toll free numbers associated with each ad. Upon reviewing the CDR(call detail record) it can be tracked which number was called maximum. This helps identify the most successful advertisement channel and key words.

Being able to track Inbound Marketing does not only help track the effectiveness of a campaign but also helps evaluate and allocate ad budget more efficiently.