DIDforSale Introduces SMS to Send and Receive Messages with Local DID’s

The introduction of mobile technology, starting with the cell phone, has changed the way we communicate throughout our daily lives. In fact, one feature is dramatically changing the way we share information. Fast, efficient, and direct, SMS is the largest communications tool we use to deliver information to our friends, employees, and business colleagues. Based on popular demand, DIDforSale proudly announces the new SMS feature for Local DIDs.

What is SMS?

SMS is more commonly referred to as texting. Its acronym stands for: Short Message Service, and it is now the most common and influential way we communicate as an increasingly technological dependent society. As the demand for mobile technology increases, in both private and public sectors, text messaging is becoming a more integrated part of our world, increasing innovation and versatility. SMS enabled DIDforsale DID’s is revolutionizing the way you do business with your clients and colleagues.

What the SMS Feature Offers

With DIDforSale’s new SMS feature, customers can:

  • Send or receive SMS messages on all national mobile networks
  • Forward inbound SMS to any email or phone number using local DID’s
  • Inbound and Outbound SMS on all DID numbers
  • High Quality international termination at competitive rates
  • HTTP REST API interface connection
  • DIDforSale API to automate buying SMS enabled numbers

What are the advantages of SMS Solution?

  • SMS-enabling direct-inward-dial (DID) and toll-free phone numbers will allow customers to activate text messaging on any landline phone number.
  • SMS Forwarding for Local DIDs gives you the option of receiving your messages on one number while keeping your personal cell number private. This way your office number can be used to forward messages to your personal device and email without sharing your private phone number.

Is SMS Right for Me?

With the increasing demands of our rapidly evolving global economy, SMS is not going away any time soon. In fact, it will become more and more an integral part of the tools businesses use to communicate and market their products. That’s why it’s important to consider using SMS enabled DID’s to your VOIP telecommunications.

More and more companies are seeing a value in the way text messaging enhance their ability to get important information from one place to another, and DIDforSale SMS enabled DID’s is one way they can do just that. If you are looking to enhance your business communications, using toll free/local phone numbers with SMS capabilities is the right choice.

DIDforSale provides you one stop shop for messaging and voice. Let us enhance your business communications today with exceptional SMS integration with quality VoIP technology at a price that you can afford.

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