VOIP offers a wealth of benefits to both consumers and business owners, but why are there still hundreds who fail miserably with them?

They don’t compare.

With hundreds of VOIP providers both online and offline, you have all the opportunities to compare their services and find the best deal—but others simply forget to do this. Always take time in choosing. You may be locked in a poor service for many years, and there’s no way out to it.

They don’t have a plan B.

Like any type of technology, expect your VOIP service to have some downtimes. Thus, ensure there’s a reliable security backup system in place. If you’re using VOIP for customer service, offer more than just your toll-free number. Include your e-mail address, even your business address, on the Contact Us page.

They don’t test it.

Just because many are now using cable VOIP doesn’t mean this is the best setup for you. Even the most expensive service in the market may be so difficult to integrate into your business, more so to your existing network. Always request someone to perform a demo, and before you officially say yes to it, test it in your network.

They don’t know how to harness VOIP.

Many complain about the high costs of VOIP simply because they haven’t taken full advantage of it. They don’t know they can tie up their mobile phones and even PCs to it, as well as enjoy virtual phone numbers for zero long-distance charges.

They don’t leave it to the experts.

If you have very little knowledge about it, it’s best if you leave its maintenance and operation to someone who does. VOIP can be very complex, especially for someone who doesn’t have a lot of experience with it.