Contrary to popular belief, VOIP isn’t only for the rich and famous. In fact, it’s especially useful for start-ups and home-based businesses that don’t have a lot of capital to spend for infrastructure. VOIP can be easily integrated to existing devices, such as Internet connection, facsimile machines, and telephone lines. It’s also flexible and definitely cost-effective.

It’s also loaded with great features that are functional and certified must-haves:

Call Routing

This feature allows you to reroute calls to any devices of your preference, including extension phones, laptops, tablet PCs, and PDAs. This ensures you don’t have to miss any important phone call no matter where you are.

CRM Integration

A lot of businesses these days are relying on CRM applications (customer relationship management software) particularly for client retention. The good news is VOIP can already be seamlessly integrated to such software, so you can have a more accurate and comprehensive report for every customer or account.


With VOIP, you can scrap setting up an office or spend a lot of dollars for travel and accommodation. You can set up either a telephone or web conferencing. Because of the improvements in conferencing technologies, including real-time display of presentations, it’s no longer difficult to create a realistic feel inside the virtual boardroom.

Web Integration

Some VOIP providers offer Click-to-Call me feature, where you can attach a “Call Me” icon or tag right into your website. If someone decides to make an inquiry and clicks on the button, the call is immediately redirected to your selected device, making sure you can make the most of your leads.

Call Distribution

It’s more advisable for any small-based businesses to maintain their present customers than find new ones, since the latter is costlier. A great tool to help you do that is Automated Call Distribution List. The customer’s call is redirected to the next open line without compelling him to dial additional numbers.


This is highly ideal for businesses that are using a PBX. The dashboard lets you monitor the technical status of your PBX, particularly the extensions, in real time. This is also web-based, so you can check it 24/7.

Virtual Receptionist

Boost professionalism and credibility of your business by “hiring” your own receptionist. This feature allows you to create multiple greetings depending on your customers’ location, sends out important notifications, and informs callers the right extensions to dial.