By now, we already know that VoIP is one of the leading methods of communication, with more than 20 million subscribers in the U.S. alone. Moreover, it can be provided by means of cable, telephone, or Internet, among others.

However, VoIP applications in social networking websites are unheard of—until now.

Perhaps you can blame it on the over-competitiveness of Facebook. When Google Plus was released, it allowed its users to video chat even in groups. As a way of luring more subscribers and holding on to those who are planning to jump ship, Facebook announced the integration of Skype in the social networking website.

Though the setup is good for everyone, it’s more ideal for businesses owners who may already be running their own fan pages in Facebook, as they can immediately get in touch with potential customers.

How to Use It

Before you can start calling your Facebook friends through Skype, you have to download and install the VoIP service first. Make sure that the version is at least 5.0. Once you have successfully installed it, create an account and login using your username and password.

In your Skype’s main window, you will be asked to use Facebook Connect, which is the standard tool to connect to Facebook from any third-party website such as In just a few minutes, both accounts are meshed together, and you can see your Facebook friends right at Skype.

You can’t call all of your Facebook friends. One of the basic requirements is they’re Skype users. If not, they have declared their mobile numbers in their Facebook profile. Moreover, for you to send text messages you have to purchase Skype credits