One of the biggest benefits of VoIP for large businesses is owners can easily ditch their costlier traditional PBX systems. This is because IP PBX can also work very similarly to the network (i.e., trunk lines and extensions) they’re used to. The only difference is that IP PBX allows owners to send voice and audio data over the Internet.

When you use VoIP PBX,

1. You don’t need to be highly dependent on your telephone company, which is basically the setup with a traditional PBX.   You have a lot of control over the entire telephone system employed in your business.

2. You’re provided with several options. You can run VoIP virtually usually using a soft phone; or your provider can provide you with additional equipment, such as SIP phone, router, and VoIP gateway.

3. You can manage all your telephone systems. In fact, you don’t have to assign a telephone operator. You can be the one to keep track of the network by means of a graphical user interface you can now access remotely or online. Moreover, you can use the same panel in order to fine-tune or upgrade any or all of your telephone systems.

4. You can save up a lot of costs. You don’t get to manage only the telephone systems in your building but also those of your other branches, even the ones overseas. You can save a lot of costs by matching telephone area codes or encouraging PC-to-PC calls.

 5. You can increase productivity. You can now further customize VoIP networks to perform additional functions. For example, you can configure it to pull out records in your system whenever a customer calls.