Having a phone is a must for any business small or large, new or old. Traditionally office phone numbers were just a medium for business to business or business to consumer voice interactions. But entry of VoIP in the telecommunications industry has completely revolutionized how phones are used? VoIP phone systems have helped businesses slash telephone bill and increased productivity.

Here a top benefits for businesses to switch to VoIP phone system.

Cost Effective

Older proprietary phone systems were very expensive to own. Besides spending thousands on infrastructure to run the copper wire, even the operating cost was too much and especially if its long distance call. With VoIP phones businesses have made remarkable savings in cost and got access to a phone system that is easier to manage, scale and configure. There is no need to spend $$$ on infrastructure or to maintain separate networks for data and phones.   

Easy to Install, Configure & Manage

Owning a VoIP phone system gives business power to install, configure and manage much more easily. Their is no need for technical expertise to install and operate IP Phones. You can have your phone up and running within no time with simple plug and play mechanism. How each call will be handled can be defined through admin portal for maximum efficiency. Admin portal makes it relatively easy to add, remove, change and manage system configuration.

Easy to Scale

With traditional phone system businesses often ended up spending more for phone lines that were not used as scaling up or down was not an easy option. However with VoIP businesses can now add and remove employees on the fly. By purchasing/cancelling a phone number through admin portal scaling up or down has becoming very simple.


With VoIP you are always on top of your business communication. Whether you are working from home, or you are in transit or in another state or country your phone travels with you. Unlike hardwired traditional phones your VoIP phones can be diverted to anywhere in the world and allows you to access and answer them without any service interruption.

Versatile Features

VoIP Phones give access to variety of features which are know to enhance business communication and increase productivity. Some of these features are:-

Auto attendant, Call Recording, Call tracking, Call forwarding, Call flow management, Call Routing, Multilevel IVR, Caller ID, Call waiting,
Send SMS, Fax
………and much much more

Highly Secured

As compared to traditional analog phone systems VoIP phones are highly secured. VoIP uses standardized encryption protocols which secures both the calls and data.