If you’re planning to use VOIP, then you’re going to need a soft phone. Contrary to what a lot of people think, this is not a piece of equipment. Instead it’s software that you’re going to use in order to make phone calls via VOIP.

How soft phone works is very similar to a regular telephone. The only difference is that it’s found in your computer.

How It Works

You can download soft phones or it may be part of the VOIP package. Regardless, a soft phone may look like a regular telephone in your PC. If you want to use it, you may need to open a window, press the shortcut key in your keyboard, or open a program where it’s currently embedded.

If you need to talk to someone, you make sure that you’re wearing your headset, and the microphone is on.

Soft phones can be used for any type of calls, from PC to PC as well as from phone line to PC and vice versa.


The functions of soft phones are also highly similar to those of regular phones. For example, you can set up telephone conferences. This means there can be three or more people listening and talking simultaneously.

They may also have the call forwarding function. The call can be forwarded to another VOIP-based computer in the network, or even to your mobile phone. This is necessary if you’re always on the move.

There is also speed dialing. You can assign numbers to names or long numbers you wish to call. This way, you can spare the hassle of remembering long phone numbers. You can also maintain your own address book online.

Soft phones may also be capable of storing voice mail messages, which you can instantly access by a mere press of a button. Other common features are onscreen number, call timer, IM and predictive dialing integration, as well as video calling.

Indeed, soft phones make VOIP an easier-to-manage and functional tool for both business owners and personal users. However, before you can take full advantage of them, you need to ensure that you’ll meet their compatibility requirements. For example, your hardware should match your chosen soft phone. If not, either one of them will not function right.