Out with the old, in with the new—this is how we usually describe those technologies that are already called passé because new things have already arrived. That is not the case with VOIP.

VOIP is predicted to stay for a very long time, but like a lot of technologies, it’s expected to evolve.

Here are some of the things we can anticipate in the coming years:

MobileVoIP: For the past few years, VOIP is dominated by cable companies, who package VOIP along with their channels. This is really not a problem since cables have enough “space” to handle the transmission.

Nevertheless, people are looking for more than just quality of audio and video. What’s important for them today is mobility, which eventually paved the way for mobile VOIP.

Mobile VOIP is entirely new, so it’s not as secured and as well developed as other forms of VOIP. However, many modifications are on the way, and it won’t be long before cable companies will rank only second or third among the list of providers.

4G: What’s the significance of 4G for VOIP? There are two possible way on how to take advantage of mobile VOIP: WIFI and 3G. A lot of mobile devices, from smartphones to tablet PCs, can connect to both. 4G, however, is going to be the fastest of the three. This means that there will be less delay and loss of sound and video. Quality of audio and video in mobile VOIP, which isn’t as stellar as expected, is going to experience tremendous improvement.

Low Cost: This has been happening for a lot of years now, as traditional telcos have no other choice but to reduce their long-distance charges and prices of their premium services. This way, they can compete with VOIP providers. But as more methods of getting VOIP become available, they will further be compelled to drop some more.

Expansive Mobile  Services: The loss of traditional telecommunication companies is the gain of mobile carriers. Don’t be surprised if they’re going to take advantage of mobility and charge you with their add-ons.

Wholesale VOIP: In the coming years, more small businesses will emerge. To make sure that VOIP is reachable and affordable, big-time companies are willing to offer their services to wholesalers.