SIP Trunking is futureproof. One main benefit of SIP Trunking is its adaptability. SIP trunks are so flexible that no matter what systems you use now or plan to use, you already have the foundation in place to build your communication platform for today and  tomorrow. At present, the most preferred protocol to process video, voice and instant messaging sessions is the Session Initiation Protocol. Due to the benefits it provides, SIP will continue to be the communication protocol for business interactions.

Global SIP Trunking services Market is based on the type, application and geographical segments. The market is fragmented into telecom and IT, healthcare, retail, media and entertainment, education and government based on application. According to statista, in 2017, the telecommunication market was valued at around USD 1.4 trillion and estimated to grow to around USD 1.46 trillion by 2020. In US, businesses will not have a choice but to switch over to some form of IP communications, with SIP leading the way for good reason by 2020. The Session Initiation Protocol will soon be the most preeminent method of business connectivity.

There are various reasons why your SIP Trunking service makes your business phone system future-proof. These reasons include:

  1. Scalability

One of the major benefits of SIP Trunk is that it is scalable. SIP enables you to add additional users and more concurrent calls when you need them. moreover, seasonal businesses can add lines just for peak seasons and later on remove them when they are no longer needed. In case of the Session Initiation Protocol, if bandwidth is available, a very simple configuration will cater for your new users efficiently and at a low SIP Trunk Pricing.

  1. Feature Rich

SIP is rich in features such as Cloud IUR, call queuing, area-based routing etc. SIP provides supplementary functionality by making use of cloud calling software built into a cloud platform. This functionality may not be available via your PBX. In addition to this, most SIP platforms host cloud telephony solutions. A cloud telephony platform hosts the PBX functionality and provides the telephone lines(SIP). Thus, it is more feature rich.

  1. Predictable Bursting

SIP trunks allow bursting. By now, cloud analytics and monitoring   technologies are added to most cloud PBX platforms. With this, the future of SIP Trunking can probably take the shape of artificial intelligence style predictions. A SIP platform is aware of your busiest periods as it holds all the outgoing and incoming call data. As it gathers enough data, it can identify regular spikes in traffic. Instead of waiting for the month to end, in order to see how many calls you received and to order new SIP trunks, it could be possible to make new channels available.

Consequently, with the benefits SIP offers such as flexibility, customized service, rationalization, scalability and cost implications, it will continue to be the leading communications protocol for business interactions. It is expected that by the year 2025, the Global SIP Trunking Services Market will reach $28.8 billion from $7.4 billion in 2017.