Why use VOIP when you can make it into your own business? These days plenty of huge VOIP companies are now selling their services in wholesale. To understand it better, it is very similar to webhosting reselling.

Those who participate in wholesale VOIP offer the services to small-time and startup businesses. Their requirements are usually small, and they don’t want to spend a lot of money no matter how good or vital the technology such as VOIP is.

Wholesale VOIP makes what’s supposed to be an expensive package more affordable. The bundle may also be customized to further meet the needs of these small businesses. Most of all, more people will be able to take advantage of VOIP.

But how do you exactly do wholesale?

1. Find a good company to work with. You still need a good amount of technical and customer support, even if you’re selling VOIP to your own customers. After all, a huge portion of the maintenance of the infrastructure lies on the wholesaler. If the system shuts down, there’s nothing much you can do about it but depend on the expertise and experience of the wholesaler.

2. Make sure that you understand VOIP. Customers usually don’t know that you’re into wholesale VOIP. What they are aware of is that you are selling VOIP to them—no one else. So if they have any questions or issues about VOIP, they come to you.

You, however, cannot provide them enough support if you don’t understand the technology yourself. It pays to learn as much as you can about it before you go into wholesale VOIP.

3. Invest in your own infrastructure too. You can’t rely everything on your wholesaler. You also need to shell out some money in order to offer more effective VOIP technologies to your clients. For example, you may enhance your security features by upgrading to more sophisticated firewall and anti-virus software.

4. Get to know the different features you want to offer to your potential clients. Benefits are the ones that matter to your clients, but they are highlighted by your product’s features. VOIP possesses several kinds of features, from call forwarding to auto attendant and integration to an existing PBX system. To increase your selling point, find out which features will be attractive to your target market.