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More details about the SIP DIDs at DID for Sale.

We have inbound DIDs in 2 different configurations, These DIDs does not include any outbound traffic.
1) DID with unmetered inbound and 20 channels ($8.99 per DID + $5 Activation per DID).  Additional channels can be purchased at $1 per additional channel.

We allow the customers to share 1/5 of the total channels.  Eg. customer with 50 DIDs (20 channels on each DID) can have shares 1/5 * 50 * 20 = 200 channels at no extra cost. The customer can buy additional shared channels for $2 per channel. 
2) DID with metered inbound.  They are for $1 per DID + $5 activation per DID and 0.4 cents ($0.004) per minute for all incoming calls.
Before you buy our VoIP DID you can also test our service for Free, Free trial does not require you to make any payment or purchase.
a) Signup to create an account on our website.
b) Login into your account and Click on Testing Center link on the Left had side menu.  Click on SELET DID and select one test DID.
c)  Then Click on Manage IP on the left hand side menu.  Add your IP address to your account.
d)  Click on Manage DID and assign the IP address to your Test DID.
Follow the same procedure to buy VoIP  DID.  If you don’t find the DID you need on our website then please send us an email and we will get the number for you.  You will need to add balance to your account before you can request the VoIP DIDs.
DID activation, if you purchase the VoIP DID from the existing inventory, the setup will be real time. For custom orders usually (98%) we get the DID within 12 hours, but in some cases it can take longer.

Buy VoIP DID/ Buy SIP DID all over US

Paying too much for inbound SIP VoIP DID’s?
Switch to DIDForSale and save with unmetered DIDs with 20 simultaneous channels.

Key features for Our VoIP DIDs includes:

2600+ rate centers all over US
No Minimum requirement from any of the 2600+ rate centers
Does not require TDM card configuration. Its all VoIP
Works with any SIP Service (Asterisk, SER, OpenSer, FreeSwitch)
Perfect Solution for callingcards, call centers, small to mid size businesses
Show local presence in any State in USA
Upto 20 Channels on each SIP DID
Redundant systems for high uptime
No minimum commitments
Works with any SIP service
No Limit on inbound minutes
Premium Origination
Failover Facility
Load Balancing

Online Account management and much more….

Visit us at to learn more. Got Questions? Contact us at


How to Configure SIP DID from with your asterisk and A2billing

STEP-1 Configure your DID with your asterisk?

You can find the instructions here.

Now Edit your sip.conf

Add the code below to your ’sip.conf ‘ file

[didforsale_did] type=peer
host=[IP Address of our Server] nat=yes

In your extensions.conf


exten => _X.,1,Set(CALLERID(num)=${CALLERID(num):1})
include => from-custom-a2billing

Add the code below to your ’extensions.conf ‘ or ’extensions_custom.conf ‘file

[custom-a2billing] exten => _X.,1,Answer
exten => _X.,2,Wait,2
exten => _X.,3,DeadAGI,a2billing.php
exten => _X.,4,Wait,2
exten => _X.,5,Hangup

Dont forget to reload your new configurations.
asterisk -r
sip reload
extensions reload
Set up the destination for your DID in the A2billing management interface.

Have Questions, Problems or Suggestions?

You can always reach us at with your questions, Problems or Suggestions.

For more information about our company and products visit

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Say Good Bye to the traditional way of obtaining inbound lines and access numbers (DIDs) through the local telephone companies. With the evolution in the VoIP (Voice over IP) technology you can purchase DID service at the fraction of cost that you have been paying to the standard digital or analog lines. The DID service from DIDforSale allows you to accept incoming calls via VoIP with great voice quality.

Purchasing DIDs from DIDforSale is very convenient and cheap. No matter where your company is located, you can now purchase DIDs within any state in United States at the same price as any other number in your local area. This feature opens doors for you to offer local access numbers to your customers at a relatively lower price. Besides there is no/minimum wait time or further dependency as long as your company has an Internet connection.  

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