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Join our Channel Partner Program to build lasting Customer Relationships.

DIDforSale is industry leader in SIP Trunking solutions with over a decade of experience and strong customer base. We take pride in our technology, quality and superior support. By becoming a DIDforSale partner you can accelerate your growth and help businesses you work with deliver 100% customer satisfaction.

Program Benefits

Provide a better SIP Trunking solution to your customers.

With fading traditional PRI phone systems and increased demand of VoIP telephones, there is definitely huge opportunity in the industry. Carefully choosing the right provider can give your business the success it deserves.

Increase your chances of growth by partnering with industry-leading SIP Trunk Provider.
Seamless transition and easy Integration with wide range of IP PBX platforms and VoIP Phones.
Carefully structured pricing plans aim to give you optimum benefits of the program.
Enlist a flexible, scalable comprehensive SIP trunk solution built to help you grow through your clients.
Get out of the box SIP Trunk solution with Enterprise SIP Trunking or use Developers API for customized solution.
Stay focused on your growth! Track and manage all your clients through easy to use web portal.

Grow faster with best SIP trunk provider

DIDforSale is trusted by businesses in every industry as their SIP Trunk provider. With simple infrastructure, top quality products, largest number inventory in the nation and extremely efficient web portal, DIDforSale aims at providing you most up to date solution while keeping your costs down.

What makes DIDforSale ideal choice?

Joining hands with DIDforSale gives you an ability to provide unmatched SIP solution to your clients.

  • Choose the partner Program that best fits your business model.
  • Sell with nations #1 SIP Trunk Provider with zero investment.
  • Get access to Redundant Network.
  • Provide high Quality of Service with flexible pricing options.
  • No need for partner training or any specific technical skills.
  • Top of the line technical support team to guide through.
  • Fast and easy number portability.
  • Out of the box SIP solution for you and your clients.
  • Scales with your business.
  • Integrate with best-in-class IP PBX’s and VoIP Phones
  • SMS enabled phone numbers for comprehensive communication solution.
  • Free access to best client management portal.

Compatible PBX platforms & VoIP Phones

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you define channel partner program?
DIDforSale Channel Partner Program enables businesses in technology industry to provide full service VoIP solution to their clients.
Who Manages customers after sale?
DIDforSale Channel Partner will continue to manage their customers through easy to use web portal and we will continue to provide support as needed.
What kind of training or on boarding Support do you provide?
At DIDforSale we stand by our partners from beginning to end. We have multiple support docs and videos to guide you through implementation process. However you will also have access to expert tech support incase you run into technical issues.
What products are available to partners for selling?
Once you join our partner program you can sell all available products.
Do You support number portability? If yes, then how long does it take?
Yes, we support number portability. Port order can be submitted and tracked through web portal. It can take anywhere from 2-3 weeks to port a number based on your current provider.

What our customers are saying?

Our company has promoted DIDforSale for the past 6 months and so far we are pleased. I hesitated writing this because it has only been 6 months but if things change, I will rewrite this review. The service has been very good — great voice quality and call control. Our clients are PBX users so there is a low tolerance for less than stellar service. The SIP pricing is good. They have two program: free incoming calls or all calls metered. Using the Free Incoming call option has been a good financial decision. DIDforSale has a very capable support staff. They are knowledgeable and willing to provide support as is needed. They also have good follow up. If you have never used SIP before, they are a good company to help you through the first few installs. They do not have 24×7 support but they do respond quickly the next business day. I recommend DIDforSale - Chuck Balough

We’ve had DIDs from DIDForSale for many years now, and I have to say that their DIDs always work; but, more importantly, the quality of service these guys provide is top-flight! They respond to our support requests in an hour or less. Of course, we don’t need much support, as things just work, and their web-portal lets you do pretty much anything you need to do. But if you have a problem (usually, you’ve screwed something up with your firewall), they are QUICK to respond. When we ported some numbers from Comcast, Comcast was TERRIBLE in the whole process, but DIDForSale worked closely with us and babysat the port through for us. I can’t say enough about their customer support! I highly recommend DIDForSale for everything VOIP-related! - Richard Jensen

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