Business Sip Trunking 

Are you ready to join the VoIP SIP Trunk trend & take your business ahead?

Switching to SIP Trunk for your telephone needs is the best decision you have made. So how do you know your business is ready to implement SIP Trunking?

Today implementing Sip trunk is not as hard as most think. There is very little hardware required to implement the systems, and if you already have an internet connection, your most likely there.

The major component you will add are the handsets, and when utilizing a hosted solution, you may find a provider that can simply rent you the handsets as well, although that is an additional cost. However they should also be able to provide updated and new handsets over a given time line as you retain a contract with them as well.

Even if you are choosing to host your own VOIP server, the start up is relatively easy as it simply requires a server, a switch, and the handsets. Equipment you would own, and would be reflected in the lower cost of your yearly sip trunking costs.

With a reliable internet connection, sip trunking will be very easy and cost effective and given the added flexibility of utilizing IVR menus for your callers, specialized ring groups, time conditions, as well as conference rooms and video chat.

The added features to sip trunking and the low cost of running it over time compared to initial start up costs, or the switch from the old standby PBX will far better suit business today than to not make the switch.

If you are already running your own domain within your business, the ability to do a self hosted solution will be just about as easy as a hosted solution. Your typical VOIP server will sit outside your network, or if you have one, it can sit in your DMZ, either way your infrastructure will most likely be in place already and this is simply an addition of a server and switch.

If you are not hosting your own servers within the confines of your business, this will still be a very easy switch. Simply adding a server and possibly a switch will do the trick.   Location of those devices would typically be near the internet providers hand off, or in the MDF Closet. With the current platforms available to handle the sip trunks you can easily pick up server with a small enough foot print to fit directly into a patch panel as opposed to a dedicated rack. Typically these types of servers come bare bones, meaning there is no operating system installed, but are more than capable of handling medium size business systems in excess of 50 handsets.

While cell service could be considered as an alternative, business will not reap the benefits of conference rooms, complex IVR trees, time conditions, and a host of other valuable assets provided with sip trunking. Whether the solution is hosted off site, or hosted by the business itself, sip trunking is a definite asset to any business that requires phone service.