Lately VoIP has become preferred choice by enterprises small and big for their communication platform. With its increasing popularity, VoIP industry’s projected global revenue is set to reach $194.5 billion by 2024.  (Persistence Market Research). With this increased demand many IT Service providers (ITSP), Managed Service Providers (MSP) and Resellers are looking into options to grow their organization without spending $$$. That’s when White Label VoIP is the perfect solution.

What is White Label VoIP?

The term “white label” allows an organization to sell a product or service with their own brand and logo, however the actual product or service is owned by third party. White label VoIP is a solution designed for resellers and it provides a platform to manage, sell, support, and invoice with their brand.

So what are some of the key benefits of White Label VoIP?

Cost Saving:-  If you are a MSP or a ITSP or just want to be a VoIP reseller you do not need to spend thousands of dollars to create a VoIP Communication Platform of your own. You can just leverage what is available in market that is tested and provides you with all the tools that you need to further sell it to your clients.

Quality:- With a product that has gone through various phases of testing and is proved to work with various VoIP phones and IP PBX you can be sure there are no compromises on the quality of service.

Time:- Most of the VoIP vendors have a platform that is packaged and available for reselling in short period of time. You can test, verify, train and deploy within days.

There are many more benefits of why you should opt for White Label VoIP. However  Cost, Quality and Time are the key benefits play in heavy when weighing in your options.

How can you re-brand a White Label VoIP Platform as your own? 

  • Customize:

As soon as you are ready to move forward with a VoIP Communication Platform that meets your expectations your next step is to take the complete package and rebrand it as your own name, label and logo.

– You can now sell their product to your customers as your own product.
– Market it under your brand umbrella.
– All communication channels (email, SMS, flyers, etc.) will include product details with your brand.

  • Account Management:

White label VoIP platforms have integrated billing. This allows you to manage invoice, billing and credit processing for all your clients under your brand. This gives you one centralized system where you can manage all of your clients accounts and billing.

  • You have full control: 

As a White Label VoIP reseller you have full control of your VoIP Communication system.  Besides marketing and selling the service you also have full control over your customer information. In other words as soon as you brand the service as your own you determine every aspect from advertising to pricing, to billing, to credit processing to support. You will be the single point of contact for your customers.