Recent times have witnessed a rapid growth in VoIP telephony. In 2020, the global VoIP market was worth $82,560,000. What’s more, the projected growth rate for VoIP estimates that by the end of 2026, it will be valued at $102,480,000. With this kind of fantastic growth rate, it makes sense to join a VoIP reseller program. The good news is that you do not have to invest in extensive infrastructure to do that. You can join a white label VoIP reseller program and enjoy all the benefits of doing business in this lucrative telecommunications segment.

So, why is it called white label VoIP? Essentially, in this arrangement, you can put your brand name on the VoIP reseller service. The label is ‘white’, which means it’s open to receiving your brand name and helping your business grow. Sounds convincing? Numerous businesses worldwide have been shifting to White label VoIP. Here are the reasons why you should consider the same.

Complete Re-Branding to Support Your Growth

With white label VoIP, there is no way to tell that the setup does not belong to you. You re-brand the entire offering across all customer touch-points to establish your brand identity. From the applications to the invoices, it’s your brand that your customers will come to know.

Make sure when you choose a white label VoIP provider, they should provide you with tools that empower you provision your customers efficiently. Matured and smart White label programs include software’s that integrate billing, and LNP (local number portability).

You Retain Your Customer’s Data

As you re-brand the service as your own, the VoIP service provider will never ask for customer data. You retain all client information without handing them over to the service provider. Furthermore, your reseller would arrange so that you handle all customer communication via a single communication service. There is no need to outsource different aspects of client management to various service providers. Furthermore, with a competent provider, you can have a streamlined invoicing system. The bill you furnish would consist of all the details of data usage, delivered under your name.

Optimum Scalability

With white label VoIP, the infrastructure is already built-in. This means that even if you have a small staff size, you can scale your services according to your growing business’s needs. To do that, you don’t have to hire more specialists or spend on developing the infrastructure. The system is already ready and running for your benefit. Furthermore, when your clients want to scale their businesses, you can provide them with all the options to do that without growing your staff size.

With all these benefits, choosing an excellent white-label VoIP partner is in your best interests. Follow the criteria mentioned above to find a service provider who can commit to longstanding support and the best quality.