You want to get the word out on your exciting new offers? How do you achieve that with certainty? You need an assurance that your customers would follow up with you. Working it up with a bulk SMS provider is one of the most effective ways of direct marketing. It’s cost-effective and reaches a vast number of people at once.

Be the Judge

You are the best judge. Consider how you respond to the text messages you receive every day on your phone. How often do you delete them without reading? You will find that most of the times you check out an offer that you receive on your phone.

After all, it just takes a glance to go through them. Now, get this huge advantage to work in your favor. Teaming up with a bulk SMS service provider offers the potential for a manifold return on your investment.

Better than Emails

Often, an email marketing campaign fails to be fruitful. You cannot expect any better if your carefully crafted emails are heading straight for the spam folder. Truth said, folks have a short attention span when it comes to marketing emails. In that same span, you can guarantee the readability of an SMS.

Better than Other Options

Of course, you have other options such as a newspaper or TV ads. However, none of these are as cost-effective as SMS. SMS has 98% open rate and 45% response rate. The ROI is much higher than any other advertisement channel.

Instant Delivery

You do not have to wait for your message to reach your target audience. The delivery is instant, and the results are fast.

Personal Charm

The mobile phone holds an unparalleled personal charm. No one can deny that. Craft a personalized custom bulk SMS message and schedule it to send it to your target audience at the time you want them to receive it.

To give an edge to your marketing efforts and to drive more business choose a bulk SMS service provider. Schedule and send your time sensitive alerts/promotions.

Short and Sweet

Though it’s in ‘bulk’, the messages are never ‘bulky’. They are short and crisp. What’s more, they are often written in SMS lingo. The snippet format of these messages has an instant attractive quotient.

It has a quick window of time to register in the psyche of the user. This quickness often results in an instant favorable decision.

This also makes it an excellent option for limited period deals. You do not want your customers to sleep over your offer. Convey this urgency with an SMS that gets read almost instantly. After all, why do smartphones have message notifications for?

Final Tips

So, what do you need to have a successful bulk SMS Marketing campaign?

First and foremost, pay attention to developing a compelling message. Enumerate your offer in crisp detail and include a good CTA (Call to action).

The second tip, do not spam. Take the lesson from failed email campaigns. Instead of flooding your customers with offers, send the messages at regular intervals.

The final tip, keep up the personal appeal. Craft your message in a way you would convey it to a close friend. It carries a greater chance of making a positive impact.